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HomeSuggestions on Hosting a Ride


The primary responsibilities of the Ride Host are to decide if there is to be a cancellation and to instruct the bicyclists prior to the start.  You are not expected to lead; an option is to go your own pace and enjoy the ride.

To prepare for the ride

  1. Familiarize yourself with the route from the map on the BIC website.  You can obtain ride specifics on the Ride Info tab.
  2. Print 3-5 maps for riders who request one.  Print out a Ride Sign-Up Sheet. The map and sign-up sheet is also on the Event/Ride description on the BIC calendar. 
  3. Arrive at the start at least 15 minutes prior to departure time.
  4. Distribute a BIC rider sign-up sheet and pen.  email a scanned copy to
  5. For briefing, gather riders 5 minutes before departure.  Try to start the ride on time.

Your comments to the riders


  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Welcome. Did everyone sign the ride sheet?
  3. Ask if there are any first time riders; have them introduce themselves.
  4. Give a brief summary of the route.
  5. Questions?
  6. Carry hand sanitizer, latex gloves and a mask.
  7. Let's go


  1. Give a brief weather report, including wind speed and direction.
  2. Ask if all have water and have applied sunscreen.
  3. Give the ride speed (Saturday, 10-14 mph.  Wednesday 13-20 mph.  Tuesday 12-14 mph).
  4. Have at least one or possibly two or three stopping/regathering locations.  Good choices are:
    • important intersections or where there are route changes.
    • convenience store, park, coffee shop, or restaurant.
  5. At each stop, allow all riders to catch up, wait 1 or 2 minutes, and then proceed after giving the next stop.
  6. Mention safety issues (example: ride right with spacing when on a busy road).
  7. If there are riders that wish to not stop that is OK.  Ask that they inform you.

Additional information

  1. It is not necessary that the host stay with the slowest rider.  It is helpful and considerate (but not required) to ask someone to sweep.
  2. If you cannot host, find a substitute or contact Rick Walton (319-354-8090).  If a sub is not found, be at the start (or ask someone else) to give instructions, do the sign-up sheet, etc.  The riders then proceed without a ride host.
  3. If there is (or a forecast for) inclement weather (rain or predicted rain or high winds) or low temperatures, you may cancel.  The decision should be at least two hours before the start. Call Donna Hamm 1st (319-400-4111) or Rebecca Donovan 2nd (319-621-0691, text preferred).  They will post the cancellation on the BIC Website and on Facebook, if you don’t have an account.  If you are able, post the cancellation on the Bicyclists of Iowa City Facebook page (
  4.  BIC Ride Sign-Up Sheet Revised Summer 2023